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Xenondepot Super Sale! Hid Kits, Led Bulbs, And More! Save Big

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FREE HID KITS! - LED BULBS! - Quality HID Kits! - Lexus LED Dome Lights! - Lexus LED Tail Lights! - AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!


The commitment to product quality - Proudly supporting ClubLexus since 2004:

HID bulbs and ballasts are not created equally. Our HID lighting products use OEM grade HID bulbs and ballasts to ensure the quality and durability of our product. Our HID kits are assembled in high tech ISO and TUV certified facilities. Poor quality HID kits can have failure rates of around 10% right out of the box and potentially last only 1-2 months. Our HID kits have a failure rate of approximately 0.05% (based on 8 years of selling HID lighting products). Beware of merchants selling low grade HID lighting products that can be a potential fire hazard to your vehicle. Do not compromise your safety when it comes to automotive lighting. Please view this link for some non biased reviews of our products installed:

Customer Testimoinals / Reviews

XTREME DIGITAL HID KITS - Quality & Durability proven since 2001!


* Superior quality ballasts using true German technology * Japanese quality and craftsmanship * ROHS, CE,UL & E4 certified OEM grade Xenon HID components * Rubber Injected waterproof/shockproof ballasts * Laser aligned bulbs to ensure optically correct beam patterns * Unique dual relay harness design * Double tubed Philips Quartz Anti-UV bulbs * Full replacement warranty

ONLY $174.99 For Lexus Owners's Club Members - Please use coupon code "LOC" Upon checkout to receive your $25 discount

VOLT DIGITAL+ HID KITS - High quality Slim Digital HID Kits


ONLY $94.99 For Lexus Owners's Club Members - Please use coupon code "LOC" Upon checkout to receive your $25 discount

Putco Automotive LED Bulbs - The brightest and most durable LED bulbs you will find!


Upgrade your vehicle's interior & exterior lighting to with Putco LED Bulbs. Check out our large selection of high quality automotive LED Bulbs! Type in coupon code LOCLED to save 15% off our LED Lighting products.

Customer Support:


Phone: (905) 660 0124




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