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2004 Sport Design


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I'd like to see one in person, but unfortunately the wheels are hideous, the stock ones are much more attractive. The black wood should be cool, but again gotta see one in person.

I love the colors, the Thundercloud looks similar to Infiniti's Diamond Graphite and the Graphite Grey Pearl is a awesome color, I would have gotten that on mine had it been availiable.

I'm underwhelmed, BUT the package only costs $600, and if I were buying one today I might pay that for the cool new black wood and the choice of the Thundercloud or the graphite grey. However, I love my black garnet and I love the reddish wood....I dunno

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The Emperor's New Clothes? :blushing:

I may be missing something critical here, but what's' the big deal? I realize that the switch to black wood and limited exterior and interior colors will really enhance the performance and beauty of the car, but what's going on here (or what production fantasy is going on in some Lexus executive's mind)?

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Its very little, and its nothing compared to the GS and the IS Sport Designs (which are very expensive option packages) but I think the changes are compensorate to the $600 price. A new set of 16 inch wheels would cost $600 or more. The market of the ES isn't really geared towards performance, it almost seems to me that they're testing the waters to see if a more comprehensive package could be offered somewhere down the line.

What confuses me is Denny Clements said that they weren't interested in dialing any sport into the ES, that the IS allowed them to build the ES soley for luxury, yet they come out with the ES "SportDesign", its contradictory. I think a "Coach" edition would have fitted the car, and even the package better. I mean, look at the wheels, do they say sport to you? They say "Coach edition" to me.

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