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Navigation Doing Weird Stuff

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Just took my newly purchased 2008 RX350 on a roadtrip from LA to Palm Springs. On the way back home today we stopped midway to see some friends. The NAV system readily accepted their address before we got under way, yet once we were driving, it started alerting me to a completely different route and an exit ramp a good 25 mles before we were anyway near where we wanted to go. I actually knew where I was going so this was more of a test run to acclimate myself to the system. The dsplayed maps were correct (streets/exists) so I know the GPS knew where we were, but the route suggestions (I was in the turn view) were way off base.

I kept ignoring the prompts but it kept wanting to take me off the freeway so I "suspended guidance." Once we were off the freeway at the correct exit it correctly guided us through the local streets.

AND...when continuining home it opted to take me off the freeway and onto local streets some 5 miles before "HOME" eventhough there is a freeway exit about .6 miles from our house.

Is this a question of me selecting the type of route I want to take? Admittedly I did not check that option - and to make mattes more irksome, the system actually presumed I was making a round trip so the moment we pulled into our driveway it started giving me directions to head back from whence I just came. I am working under the assumption that this is all due to my learning curve of how one inputs data.....or is there truly something amiss with my NAV?


Studio City, CA

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There are route preferences you can select from, quite a few actually. Take a look and see if anything looks wrong.

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