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Replacing Rear Diff Oil

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I just replaced the rear diff oil in my 93 GS300! it was pretty easy. You will need a pretty large allen wrench to remove the drain plug and the sight plug. Sorry I don't remember the size. An oil drain pan, and 2 quarts of 75w-90w oil. A hand pump or an air compressor can be used to to pump the fluid into the rear diff. i f you use the air compressor keep the pressure low, you will need about 5 feet of clear tubing. Cut the tubing in half, place one end in the diff, the other end will go into the oil jug with one end of the other piece of tubing you cut in half. The final end will onto the nozzle of a blow gun for an air compressor. DO NOT USE VERY MUCH PRESSURE, THE JUG WILL EXPLODE, SO KEEP IT LOW. you cab always turn up the oressure if it is to slow. You will need to drill a hole in the oil jug lid for both tubes, it has to be somewhat tight.

If you have a sloped driveway , park the car facing up hill

Start with jacking up the rear end under the rear diff, place the car on jackstands.

wear safety glasses to keep foreign objects out of your eyes

using the large allen, and maybe a breaker bar, loosen the top sight bolt first, then remove

careful oil may spill out, keep your oil drain pan handy

Clean the bolt, place in a safe place

loosen and remove the bottom drain plug

take notice of any metal shavings on the drain plugs magnet, clean drain plug, place in a safe place. Notice the black, dirty oil, thats bad!!!!

after oil das drained, replace and tighten drain plug

begin adding new oil through sight bolt opening, via pump or air compressor, when oil begins to dribble out of the sight hole you are done

replace oil sight bolt

jack up car, remove jack stands, lower car, remove all jacks, tools and anything else you left in your path!

Take your GS3 for a quick test drive

Make sure there are no oil drips under car after it has sat awhile, if so retighten both bolts or use teflon tape to seal the threads!



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