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Steering Wheel Vibration


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Help. 98 ls400 had a complete brake job and now has developed an intermittent but strong vibration in the steering wheel at 50 mph+. This might go away for a couple of days but then returns. Often after coming to a complete stop and reaccelerating the pb disappears. Other times it will shake for a while and then stop. I had the tires, Michelins, dynamic balanced and checked again. Lexus dealer inspected the suspension and found no pbs (but the car did not vibrate when he took it for a test drive). Rotated tires front to back and still the same pb.

I've looked thru other posts and it seems others have had this pb. Does anyone have any ideas or have others found a culprit for this?

Many thanks,


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i had tis problem for a while and i even bought new crome stock rims which cost me a fortune but it didnt solve the problem. i changed ttires as well and it didnt help either. i changed rotors and pads on the front and it didnt help!!!! after that i did a wheel balancing and now my ride is nice and smooth like new!

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