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Powering Steering Pump


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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, so to start off, HELLO EVERYONE!

I'm considering a 1992 Lexus SC400 with 113k miles for $4300. This looks like a very good deal. I haven't seen the car yet (going to see it later), but the seller did say that the power steering fluid was leaking. So after searching on forums, I realized that the problem with the power steering pump seems to be a very common problem for SCs at around 100k miles. With this in mind, I still think that $4300 is still worth it to buy the car and fix it myself. I looked online and found prices for the pump to be around $200-$300 and I don't mind paying that. But I'm hesitant to bring it into a shop for installation because they will charge up the @#$#$%. So I was wondering if anyone here has installed a P/S pump themselves. Or is it even possible to do so by yourslf. Please, if anyone has an comments, suggestions, experience, or even have directions on how to install the pump, I highly appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone in advance. :cheers:

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The alternator went out first (charging light came on)---that was $350-400.00. They told me that the PS fluid had leaked onto the alt and fried it.

Fixing the PS leak was 950.00 at the dealer. I may have overpaid, but they picked up the car at my office and washed it, so that eased my pain a bit.

Good luck--that was my most expensive repair by far, and I have 110K on my sc400. If you do have the PS pump replaced you may want to get a new water pump while you are at it, and timing and serpentine belts if due.

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Welcome Jackal1598. there are a few posts that talked about a remanufactured parts from AutoZone and Pepboys. I've been quoted $150 with a $50 core charge, but I prefer the ones from the dealer. If you want another quote from my distributor, I'll need your VIN or year and model, but PM me.

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