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Towing With Lx 450?


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I'm very interested in getting an LX 450, but want to make sure it will be able to tow adequately. It looks like it's rated to tow 5000 lbs?

I would have thought more, my old Jeep Cherokee was rated for the same...

Is this because of the underpowered engine?

I'm sure it should atleast handle a lot smoother being a bigger vehicle.

I will be towing a ski boat, total weight with trailer ~4000 lbs

What should I expect?



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Don't know much about the towing cause I haven't done much, but I've heard some folks talk about getting them because they were good towers, maybe becuase of the low end torque. You'd probably want to tighten up the suspension from stock, because it's pretty soft.



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I tow a Bombardier Traxter Max and a Yamaha Grizzly ATV with my LX450 and it tows great.

The one thing you do not want to install is a weight distribution hitch. I blew out the front axle on a Land Cruiser a few years back.. The distribution hitch puts 35% of the tongue weight on the front axle. Also, acceleration is pretty good, but you can almost watch the gas gauge drop to “E” when towing.


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