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Fluid Changes....when For Each?

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Hey all,

Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Just a quick question about fluids for my recent purchase - '09 GS 350 AWD. Just got the oil changed today (15k service). Only went to the dealership because they threw in two free oil changes when I purchased (it's not a CPO). I'm almost certain the used regular old dino-juice, and not synthetic. I plan on doing my own oil changes in the future, but I keep hearing contradictory info about synth vs. dino. Can I change to synth motor oil in the future and NOT screw up engine seals, etc?

Also, when should I change the brake/power steering/coolant/transmission/differential fluids (front and rear differentials, correct?)? 30k intervals? longer? Looked online at the service schedule Lexus provides, but they make no mention. Things were pretty easy in my previous car ('98 Accord V6), but I certainly dont want to screw up this one.


Thanks in advance,


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Some reports state that changing to synthetic oil, after many, many years of 'dino' use, can cause oil leaks, as chemical compounds in synthetic oil may shrink aged seals and gaskets. True or not, given the age of your car, you can safely switch to synthetic.

Synthetic oil is proven to be superior to dino oil, especially with today's advanced engines, and also in terms of delayed oil-change intervals. Where dino is adviced to change at 3K miles, synthetic oil can last between 5K to sometimes 10K miles, depending on conditions and car brand. Synthetic oil is also known to produce less carbon buildup. So, it would be fine to use dino oil, you just have to change more frequent.

I believe your car comes with diagnostics software, which can measure the quality of the oil and hints for an oilchange, depending on drivestyle. Personally, I would switch to synthetic anyway and change oil at max. 5K miles, or 6-9 months, just to be safe. At severe conditions, you might consider doing this earlier.

Although lexus checks and (hopefully) changes fluids at specified service intervals, I would not risc it and replace all (major) other fluids at max. 2 years.

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1. Just use synthetic oil and change every 5k miles. (This is not meant to start up the age old less filling/tastes great synthetic vs conventional oil debate)

2. Your GS has electric power steering so there is no power steering fluid to change.

3. It is good practice to completely flush the brake fluid every two years or 30k miles.

4. Your GS has a sealed tranny so simple drain and fills like yesteryear are out of the quesiton. This tranny has Toyota's world standard fluid in it and doesn't need service until 90-100k miles.

5. The differential fluid should be changed at 60k miles.

6. Coolant is Toyota Extra Long Life so it shouldn't need to be touched until close to 90-100k as long as the fluid in the overflow bottle is still a bright cherry pink.


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