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Replaced Battery - Reprogram System Board?

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Left my 2007 IS250 at body shop for over a week to get it worked on. They're finished with it but then tell me my battery is dead. They replace it for me and tell me that the car now starts but only remains in idle. Gas pedal does not respond. They tell me they called the dealer and tells them that it dropped below a certain voltage and now the board needs to be reprogrammed. Of course they will charge me $140 to do that. They also expect me to pay for towing. The body shop tells me that it would have happened to me eventually but just happened to be while it was in the shop.

I've had the car for 3 1/2 years, no signs of battery problems. I drive it everyday.

What caused it and does anyone have any suggestions? Can I get the body shop to pay? Is this negligence on their side?

Car still at body shop right now until I tell them what to do.


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Legally, they would not be liable, and I think the original warranty on the battery is probably only 3 years. So you would get no replacement from the battery manufacturer. Things happen and you just have to deal with it. For the most part batteries do not give any warning. Just one day you go to start it and it will not work. If one of your tires blew out while it was sitting at their shop would you expect them to buy you new tires.

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This scenario leads me to a question along the same lines:

i have a 2007 IS350. This year in Seattle there were a few "cold" days in a row. When i went out to start my car the battery was "dead" (dim lights, would not start).

I used my wifes jump-start-battery-boxto start it up.

Drove to work, then drove home and had no problem the next two days. Another two day stretch of cold days and had the same problem and resolved it the same way.

This time i bought a battery thinking the old one needed to be replaced.

The new battery has sat in my garage for 3 months now since i have had no further problem from the old battery.

My 1st question is: Based on the info above about reprogramming the ECM is there some special way to swap out batteries?

2nd question: since i have had no further issues from my old battery is there any need to swap it out at all?

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