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(qew) Quick & Easy Wash Methodology


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Quick & Easy Wash is a non-abrasive, anti-static, water repellent wash that replaces soapy detergent products and eliminates rinsing when washing vehicles and other surfaces, and no hose is needed. Quick & Easy Wash conserves water. The ultra-violet rays of the sun cause damage and deterioration to most surfaces, QEW contains UV blockers that aids in preventing deterioration.

QEW safely loosens and lifts dirt eliminating the need to rinse with a water hose. Wash any vehicle wherever it is parked. This is especially important where water use is restricted. Wash in your garage, apartment parking stall, campgrounds, parks, marinas and airplane tie-downs, QEW is great for home and office use, too.

Wash a section at a time then towel or squeegee dry. Quick & Easy Wash is non-abrasive; it safely loosens and lifts dirt eliminating the need to use a water hose. Wash a section at a time then just chamois, towel or squeegee dry.

Equipment required: two- 2gal buckets of warm water (one washing, one for mitt rinsing), 2- sheep skin wash mitts, 1- Waffle Weave drying towel or a California water blade and a Microfiber buffing towel.


a) Mix 2oz of QEW thoroughly in the wash bucket.

·After saturating mitt, wash one panel at a time, wiping in the one direction only, and no circular movements.

·Rinse dying towel, wring until as dry as possible and fold

·Dry panel with towel while allowing the first mitt to soak in wash solution and proceed to the next panel.

·Alternate mitts ensuring that they are rinsed toughly and wrung out before placing them in wash solution (this will avoid dilution of solution)

·Work your way around vehicle until all panels have been cleaned / dried

B) If your car is very dirty use a higher concentrate of QEW solution (2.5-3.0oz)

·After soaking mitt in solution, put solution into a spray bottle, spray panel with QEW

·Let panels soak before using the method outlined above

·Change water as often as is necessary (dependant upon need/availability)

QEW dries clear but for a just detailed look, once washing / drying has been completed spray panel with a quick detailing spray with a clean damp towel and finally buff with a Microfiber buffing towel


1.QEW is as effective as a regular wash, whenever there is a water shortage, cold weather washing, as it takes less time, or a water hose is not available (condominiums, car shows, etc).

2. However careful you are, washing your car introduces swirls and micro scratches, to minimize them always wipe in one direction only, avoid circular movements

3. Thoroughly rinse wash mitt and change water as necessary.

4. Using Quick and Easy Wash you can clean vehicle in very little time using the minimum amount of water

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Wow no hose? Are you passing along info or are you a sales rep/manufacturer?

Cost? Availability? How does this compare to the Mr. Clean wash product which claims no spot drying. Similar idea different methodology? How does this interact with other cleaning products: waxes, polymers, ...?


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QEW does everything he says it does, I use it too.

TOG isn't a sales rep, he's just a detailing enthusiast, he's actually a member at the Autopia detailing community.

I definately reccomend QEW...

The MrClean product is completely different, its simply a hose add on. According to people that have used it for 10 years its very easy on waxes and polymers, I can see no problem.

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So can we get this stuff at local stores or is it a specialty item (online, phone orders). Sorry, I've never heard of the product but is intrigued a bit by it. I use the Zaino products for my car but this system looks interesting. I'd still want to use the Zaino for shine and protection but am not married to the wash part.

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Yeah you can use it with Zaino.

SOME Wal Marts carry it, you'd have to call around. Most RV dealers or supply stores carry it also, but you can order it from they have a great price.

Thanks. I'll take a look.

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