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Entering/storing Phone Numbers Rx 400H Bluetooth Phone System

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need some help. According to the owner's manual one can transfer phone books from cell phones to car's phone system. Unfortunately neither my Iphone nor my blackberry work, although bluetooth connection can be established and I can receive/make phone calls.

But entering phone numbers into my car's phone books doesn't work at all and the description of the owners manual is useless. :cries:

Again, your help is highly appreciated


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I read recently that "Iphones" will not do this automatically with the Lexus system. They must be entered manually.

Niether do Droid phones. No way to "send" contacts thru the bluetooth connection...

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ok, got you, but is there a way to "manually" enter phone numbers into the phonebooks of my rx400h?

Not that I know of. Some have purchased a compatible phone from the internet, loaded their contacts onto it, and then transferred them to the Lexus that way. But that seems like a long way to go.

That said, there are 3 screens worth of 1-touch speed dial buttons (18 numbers) you can program by making a call thru you NAV screen and then assigning the dialed number to one of the buttons.... that's all I've ever done or needed.

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