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90k Service Advice Please


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I bought my LS with 89K miles, it now has 95K and only has had the oil changed thus far. Based on dealer record, it got the full 60K service. I do not plan on using the dealer for any of this service.

1) My bro-in-law builds cars and says he'll tackle the timing belt. What parts should I make sure I have for him? The belt of course but that's where my knowledge of the change stops. :egads: And where should I get the parts?

2) What fluids should be not be neglected as well? Brake? PS? Trans? Being such an inept car mechanic myself, I want to make sure I know what to tell my local mechanic and what to have done that he may advise.


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Diffy fluid - 80-90W 1.5 quarts (I use synthetic)

Trans Fluid - Toyota T-IV; pan drain will need about 3 quarts (don't overfill)

Brake Fluid - Toyota Dot 3 probably 3 cans

Oil change

PCV Valve

PS Fluid -

Toyota Dexron III 1.1 quarts ; but you might need 3-5 to completely flush system (this is not a recommended service - but check k9crews thread on the ls400 forum last week-very good!

Coolant - 2 gal "toyota long life coolant" w/ 50/50 distilled water mix. Refill engine block thru water filler plug on top of throttle body, then fill radiator and reservoir. Capacity it 11.6 quarts so you've got some extra to spill :lol:

Now, on the T'belt:

Replace water pump, L&R idler pulleys. timing belt tensioner, T-belt (of course), don't forget the serpentine belt!

Also, check plugs & wires & rotors etc....

Of course you need gaskets, Loc-tite,

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I pretty much "double up " these services, for ex:

Coolant, Diffy, -every 15K for sure,

Maybe every 15K - Brake flush (if I'm in the mood)

Trans fluid - I do a pan drain/ refill (approx. 2 quarts of t-IV) & SYNTHETIC OIL CHANGE @ 4-5K!

Since I'm a DIY'er, I can follow this schedule for only $120-30 a year (or what a dealer would charge for 2 oil changes.


Check also for comparison.

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Ack, I knew that ...sorta lol.:whistles:

Am I missing the L and R idler pulleys, timing belt and tensioner, or are they "hidden" from my noobish eyes? B)

I would probably replace them as well..................

and the ignition rotors while its apart

This is a $1500 service @ lexus :blink:


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Actually I meant I don't see those parts to buy on the site. 

ok, i'm sorry i can buy any of those parts at i believe, or any auto parts store has them or will order them for you

they are pretty cheap also.... really cheap if you DIY

Lexus probably wouldnt be too high just for the parts, then DIY, then you know you would be getting OEM parts

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