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Fuel Injectors:


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How often should one get their fuel injectors flushed on their ES (or is it even necessary at all)? I'm not sure exactly what gas the previous owner used before I bought it but I only use Sunoco Ultra 94 gasoline.

- Also, does anybody recommend using a "synthetic" fuel system cleaner such as Valvoline Syn Power ever so often? Opinions on both issues are appreciated, thanks!


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(or is it even necessary at all)?

I doubt that any cleaners are needed, especially when using Premium gas. On my fuel injected 92 Toyota pickup I havn't used any cleaners for 436,000 miles and the engine still runs like new. I did experienced a few hesitations from time to time and these were always solved by scrubbing clean the goo that gradually developes over time on the throttle body plate and bore.

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