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Going To Look At A Cheap Sc400 For Sale


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I have found a 1992 SC400 near me for sale. The car has 159000 miles on it. The guy that has it says that he bought it from second owner who bought it from a local mercedes dealership with 30,000 miles on it. He says that the hood is a little faded and could use repainting and that the drivers seat has a small tear that also needs to be repaired, other than that all maintenance has been done and recorded and everything works, except for a few lights in the gauge cluster and on the A/C lcd screen. THe scary thing is that he told me he would sell it for $5000. I looked it up on NADA and the low retial is $7500 and high retial is $10000. I am jsut wondering if there is something he isn't telling me or what. WHat kind of things should I look for when I take a look at it. He claims it hasn't been wrecked either. Any ideas what I shoul look out for on an SC of this year with this mileage.



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you cant really check much on the sc400 except the fluids and the sound of start-ups, unless he doesnt mind you opening up the engine cover to look at the timing belt. if he lets you do that, might as well do a compression test to see if the pistion rings and valves are still good. but basically drive it...punch it in high speeds and open your ears. dont forget to put it in reverse too. oh, and most likely your cd changer will be broken, but check it out! <---most are crap, they should have a recall on that so i can get a new one.

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same here on the CD Changer. Something I recommend to other users on this forum. If you're serious about it, and nothing else shows up during your initial inspection, take it to Lexus and have them run a Pre-Certification inspection. It costs about $150-300, but it's worth it. Plus you can have them run it through the database, check all the paperwork, and run a CarFax report.

Congrats if you buy the car.

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