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Greetings from Eastern Pennsylvania! I have a 2006 RX 400h which replaced a '99 RX 300. Been buying Toyota cars since 1985. I also have a '98 Camry which will be swapped for a plug-in hybrid when available. I love the 400h and got great mileage on an 8500 mile cross-country drive in 2008 (over 27 MPH).

I have a couple of issues with the car: the first is price of the GPS update disk (which I refuse to buy at $300+). I have found that using the Nav system as a road map is mostly okay, but I wouldn't trust it to plan a route.

The second issue is the lack of a back-up warning beeper option. The latter is especially needed in a hybrid which is virtually silent to pedestrians walking behind the car in parking lots. The Prius has a backup beeper, but it only sounds INSIDE the car. What's the point of that? The dealer wanted over $200 to install a 3rd-party beeper. I finally found a cheap solution at a AAA store. It's a device you stick on the backup light lens which detects when the light goes on and then starts beeping. Price was $8.

I also have stopped using Lexis dealers for service. One local dealer's price schedule showed 60K major service for $1,150. The same service at my Toyota dealer was $450. That's a big difference for the free bagels at Lexus!

Okay, enough ranting. I look forward to getting acquainted with the group and contributing to the discussions.

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