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Hi all.

I just wanted to share something with you people I went to Belem Brazil last month for a vacation and to meet the rest of my wifes family because she is from Brazil.

One of her relative had this really great car.

It;s called Toyota Mark 2 Grande.

But I mean if you see this car you will go nuts!!!!!!!!!

First of all this car was a 1993 model but when I first looked at it I tought it was like 2003 or something.

I mean I cannot understand why Toyota didn't sell these in the U.S.

Because if they did they would have outsold the Ford TAURUS FOR SURE.

I mean look at this car try to google it and look at it you'll find that this car is truly amazing.

It has the steering wheel on the right hand side so as a passenger I had to sit on the left side where the driver normally would sit in the U.S and that felt a little weird but the car was a beauty.

It has great durability like a Lexus.

The one I saw had 200kilometers on the odo but ran like brand new.

The engine is the same engine that is found in the Sc300 and the Toyota Supra.

It's a Durable engine that is capable of handling high rpms.

This car was like the family of the Toyota Soarer a.k.a Lexus sc300 and 400.

Let me tell you if you even see this car you will learn to Appriciate Toyotas a LOT MORE.

I mean you got the respect these engines like these supra engines and the 1 uz fe.

People like to say that Lexus is actually a badge engineering thing because they are sold as Toyotas in Japan but if you see the mark 2 like I saw the Mark 2 I learned to love my sc more now knowing that it came from the Toyota soarer.

Because the soarer is not just any car and the Mark 2 is also a very great car.

In Brazil people really love these cars and the owner of the Mark 2 said he will never buy anything other then Toyota.

I know my post maybe kind of stupid but I got shocked when I saw the Mark 2 and learned much more about Toyotas engines.

So can any of you try to look at one and tell me what you think of those?

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Toyota did sell the Mark 2 in the U.S. -- as the Toyota Cressida until 1992. I occasionally see the Toyota Cressida wagon someone nearby owns -- it has two wipers on the rear window like the Camry wagon had.

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