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Lexus Oil Filter #90915-20004 Discontinued


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Just called 2 dealers and it was confirmed that one of the better filters for the first gen LS400, part# 90915-20004 made in Japan that I believe can only be bought from the dealer, has been discontinued. The dealers, at least these 2 in So. CA have replaced them with oil filter part# 90915-YZZD3 made in Thailand. Does anyone know how the new oil filter compares to the former model in terms of quality?

Just to jog your memory, here's what Lexustech2k3 had to say about the now discontinued oil filter:

"Ok toyota would have my head for this if they ever found out that i'm letting this little company secret out...(i'm a tech for lexus btw)...but if you go to a Toyota dealership..there "Toyota" brand filters are usually rebadged Fram filters! However if you go to Lexus to buy your filter you will find that even though it also says Toyota on the side it is a genuine Toyota Filter....also if you want a little bit better filtering (in theory) and you own an SC300 buy the V8 filter anyway the mating surface and thread size are exactly the same....i've been doing this and it seems to be working...the only downside is that in cold weater it takes a little longer for the oil to get to the top of the engine so you may want to switch back in winter.

Just in case you are curious here is how you can tell the difference between a genuine filter and a knock off...(since they won't tell you) If the filter has plastic on the sealing side and is lubricated it is a genuine toyota filter...however if it doesn't and it's dry that's a fram these are not bad filters but the genuine ones are still much better...

Hope this is helpfull!"

There's also more info on the 90915-20004 here:

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from the previous researches that people did a role of filter does not play a significant role in the changing condition of you oil. they have tested oil condition during 3k miles using different filters and didnt really see any difference. i'm talking about some chemical analisys. as i can remeber they were soarer guys from australia and i found it on their site. dont have the link now but it might be pretty ez to find. i personally still use original filters and i still have 4 in my supply room so i guess i'm set for another year:)

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