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What To Do After Gs Has Been Stolen?

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:huh: First shoot em in the sure not to spill any blood on the car. Then shoot in the upper leg, this way he has about 10 min to make it to the Hospital on his own. If he looses too much blood and dies on the way :rolleyes: it was clearly suicide and not your problem..... I would take it over to the dealer. The key is tricky and will require some TLC to be sure it is correct. Besides the insurance should cover.....I hope? :(
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what has to been done after a GS has been stolen? the ignition is all ripped out. how much will this run to fix, and where should i take it to (lexus dealer or independent place)?

you take the guy who stole your car to the park, strap him down to the park bench and take off his pants. take a rusty 1 gauge nail that's pretty much bent out of shape and place it directly on one of his balls, then pretend you're Thor with your hammer of thunder and strike down with furious anger and have him pass out of the shock. since you can't stick your key in the key hold of your now long gone ignition switch, stick it in his pee hole, twist it, and pretend that rusty nail is your shifter. remeber to double clutch.

but take it to the dealer. you'll have to shell out a lot of cash if you don't have insurance. but i know you do, it's a lexus. good luck

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