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Advice On Modifying A Gs300


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I have a GS300 and although it has decent speed, I'm looking for better acceleration. It takes to long to get through 1st & 2nd gears. I am obviously not a car guru and I'm looking for some direction on how to accomplish this. Thanks in advance for your help and direction.

Also, what do you think about the new shoes I put on her?


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$$$ isn't much of an issue. I would think that it could be accomplished for between $1,000-2,000. I need to get "schooled" in areas like this so that I know what I need/could use and so I don't get ripped off.

If you are looking for power off the line, then you will need a high stall torque converter. The popular one is the Precision Industries Dragon TC. It goes for about $950 and installs for $400 - $600 depending on where you go. Keep in mind that this mod does not give you more torque. It just lets you maximize the torque that you have. Go to the PI website. They should have a bit more info for you:

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yeah a converter is a good start for acceleration performance.. I would also recomend porting out and knife edging the throttle body.. did it on my wrx and made a noticeable dif.

plus there are a few ground mod kits out there.. and thye eliminate throttle hesitation.. you can make a home made kit for around $50-$75 or you can go fancy and get the HKS kit for like $150 if my memory is right.

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