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Humming Noise

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hello all;

I popped my tire on a pot hole last month...and since then have had this humming sound coming from the tire when i drive. I replaced all my tires since then, and had the tires balanced, but have not had an alignment done. Does any one know what this sound is coming from? The guy who was replacing my tire mentioned that the rim was bent, then said it was fine and just replaced the tire. I'm wondering if its a bent rim or possibly a necessary tire alignment after i hit that pot hole. I don't have a full spare to check if it would work better. Also, saw in other posts on a similar topic people discussing bearings...i have absolutely no idea what those are, if anyone thinks they might be the issue I would appreciate any insights.

Thank you all in advance for any assistance(this noise is driving me crazy)

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If youre up for a bit of work you could just rotate the offending tire with another one and see if the humming follows the tire. If is doesn't its an indication of something wrong at that axle, maybe bearings, bent spindle, sticky brake pad, ...

If the noise moves with the wheel I'd check to see how bent the rim is and see if they truly balanced it properly. Maybe they could not get it balanced only got close and then gave up. If you are lucky youll only have to buy a used rim. If youre very lucky youll get reimbursed by your towns pothole damage program.

There are companies that straighten rims but I never used one so can't comment on their effectiveness.

I have heard of bad tires with broken cords within that don't roll true. This can result in extra noise. Also I bought cheap ties last go around for my LS and won't do it again. I saved some money but the tires are noisy and didn't perform well in the snow. Penny wise, pound foolish. I'll buy premium tires next time.

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