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Where To Buy Oem Mirror Besides Dealer?

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Carson Toyota is THE place for Lexus parts in California. I also have a 99 GS4, and I recently purchased a replacement mirror from them. I did not replace the outer shell...(no need to do that unless the color coded shell is damaged). The mirror snaps right out from the bottom lip, and rolls up to the top and falls down. Installation is the opposite, as it hooks in the top, and rolls down to snap in the middle and bottom. I wrote an article with pictures on it in ClubLexus a few months back.

The dealer wanted $450.00 for the entire mirror assembly, and Carson Toyota is at least $100.00 less than that. I paid a little over $200.00 for the mirror/heating element separately. The install was 3 to 4 minutes..TOPS, including removing the old one. I had a burned up defrost element, but everyting else was fine.

You have to specify if you have memory seats and mirrors or not. It makes a difference. You will need your color code if you decide to replace the entire mirror assembly, as they come pre-painted from the factory.

Give Steve Ganz a call at: 1800 908-6968. Tell him you read LexusOwners Club or ClubLexus, and he will give you a good price.

Good luck,


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