1999 Es300 P1135 P1155 Can Not Be Solved

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I'm a new member here.

My car is 1999 ES300. Two months ago, ECL and TRAC OFF both came out. I checked code and shows up P0141, P1135 P1155 at same time. I replaced O2 sensor (B1S2) and two A/F sensor (B1S1, B2S1) both, but both ECL and TRAC OFF still there. All sensors are Bosch, 15217 and 13353.

I figured out that I put the O2 sensor (B1S2) and A/F sensor (B1S1) wrong. I exchanged them. Unfortunately, I still get P1135 and P1155 OBD code. The B2S1 A/F sensor is put right.

I had service/repair manual. According to that, I replaced A/H relay and A/H fuse. No luck.

I traced the wire just to ECM. I found 12V around at HAFL and HAFR connection to ECM when the ignition is "on". If I start the car, both HAFL and HAFR stayed at 13.5V.

According to manual, I need to replace ECM.

My question is

(1) Can the mis-place of A/F sensor damage the A/F sensor?

(2) If I got the ECM from ebay or somewhere else, Do I need to program it? How to program it?

(3) Can P1135 and P1155 come out just because one of A/F sensors is bad?

I have replaced the MAF sensor, air cleaner hoses, engine oil, oil cap. No help at all.

If any one can give me suggestion, I will very appreciate.

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