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Car Making Wierd Wizzing Noise After Changing Thermostat And Coolant T

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Hi Folks,

I'm kinda at a loss here as to why after changing the thermostat and coolant temp. sensor the car started making a weird wizzing noise after the car was running for about 5 minutes. It started fine.

As soon as I heard the noise I immediately turned off the car.

A few things...

When I pulled the hose to get to the thermostat and when I pulled the thermostat out I lost coolant, but did add some before starting the car (but I'll admit not as much as I lost). As of right now the resevoir is sitting empty. And coolant is leaking from the thermostat housing. I think I'll need that paper filter thing.

When I did the sensor I had to remove a lot of part to get to it (just like doing a tune-up kind of) but I did put everything back the way it should be.

Any ideas? Luckily I didn't see any smoke or anything dangerous happen, but I am worried that nothing serious occurred due to that wizzing noise.

Thanks for your input!

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If coolant is leaking from the TStat housing, you will need to get that fixed first. Did you use a new gasket and get it properly seated on the thermostat?

It does take a bit of patience. Now, this from the LS400 DIY tutorial...

6) Remove the old thermostat and gasket. Install a new gasket (Part #16325-62010) on the new thermostat (Part #90916-03084). Then align the jiggle valve of the thermostat to the top of the housing and insert the thermostat into the water inlet housing.

The "wizzing" noise is you pee'ing your pants(when you saw the leak). :lol: ;) Kidding! The whizzing noise could perhaps be a cavitation noise caused by insufficient coolant in the water pump. Perhaps.

Take it one step at a time. Fix the leak then get her up to snuff on coolant and go from there.

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Could also be air trapped in the system causing coolant to flow improperly. There is a "burping" procedure to get the air out that needs to be following on a coolant refill.

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