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Ipod Shuffle 2010 Rx350

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I purchased an iPod Shuffle and I am wondering if it will work with my 2010 RX350.

As you may know, the Shuffle doesn't use a 30-PIN adapter and only uses AUX (3.5mm port)

Will it work? Does the Lexus use AUX?

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212 views and no replies? People aren't being very helpful. I'll try....

I'm assuming you have the latest Shuffle, with the control button on the headphone cord. This presents a little problem since it has no controls on the device. You'll need an adapter to provide the control functions without the headphones. Belkin F8Z452 or similar will do the trick. Also, you'll need a cable that goes from male 1/8" stereo plug to male 1/8" stereo plug. You can get that cable at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Fry's, your local electronic store or online at about a million places. You will not be able to 'control' the player via the NAV unit, but you will control the player locally with the Belkin adapter. If your Shuffle is not the new one with the headphone controls, then you don't need the Belkin adapter--just the male-to-male cable. Either way, you'll plug that into the player and then into the AUX plug in the center console (under the armrest, under the bucket). Set the car audio to AUX, adjust the volume on the car audio and the shuffle until you can hear it play. Good luck.


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