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Question About The Dashpot In The Throttle Body.


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The dashpot is this device in the throttle body that supposedly lets the butterfly valve close slowly when you quickly release the gas pedal. This allows the revs to drop slower when you are shifting, hence you get more time to shift. However my tranny's syncros are worn, so I tend to double clutch from first to second, hence my want for the revs to drop faster to complete the shift faster.

Anyways, I was thinking that disabling the dashpot would be beneficial (by loosening a screw would help drop the revs faster). BUT, the other reason for the dashpot is to allow some air to pass through the slightly opened valve to burn off with the excess fuel in the combustion chamber after you lift off the gas pedal. I have read that some cars may stall if the gas pedal is released quickly. Has anyone gotten into this subject?

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