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Dealing With The Bad Dealerships


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:cries: :cries:

I can remember taken my car to be service to Swell Lexus out here in Dallas, for a steering wheel bolt recall i found online. (If i didnt search online i wouldn't even known that was an issue) <_< and at that time, my car was makin a whining noise that was coming from the engine when you rev. it up. When they replace the bolt on there had them also look at where that noise was coming from. I told them it was another engine in there, so the service man told the guy at the counter to listen to it and told me it was my values and the people who install my engine didnt take time and my values are starting to bend. I told him that it had good compression but he told me for now but not long and give me a price on some new values....2200.00 plus install at 1800.00 so I was looking at over 3000.00 :wacko: I took it to a mom pops shop they said it COULD be my timing belt. So i had to decide the dealer was right or small shop could have a point ( I mean i haven't had a timing belt done in a long time) after a while i just went some where and got my Timing belt replace, figuring it needed to be done anyway and if that's not it well just gotta save to get the values done but not at the dealer somewhere else. Guess what <_< put that timing belt on there, no more noise :cheers: just to think if i listen to that dealer guy putting them values in, they still stick me for replacing the timing belt :chairshot:

Another time I was coming from a taco bell and this lady in the drive thru, for some unknown reason back up and hit me ( wasnt that hard but like a jolt) she got out her car apologize blah, blah <_< ( was kinda fine) and we exchange info all that, but that next day i notice when i turn my lights on, for some strange reason, my air-condition came on :unsure: and everytime i turn on my lights air comes on, when i turn it off few minutes later it come back some Lexus ghost was in there :blink: scary...if i didnt turn my lights on everything o.k and i can turn my air on/off but switching those lights was the problem so at night my air be on and the temp out side be like 45 degrees so it was an issue :( took it to a Toyota dealership this time and this lady talk to me and she told me to talk to her supervisor and he went out even look under the hood and I told him what happen and he said ' this car got bout a mile of wiring :o it could be anything with those wires and the 95.00 charge would to just be to find what's causing it but could be a deep repair, I ask do he think cuz she hit me could that have jolted something electrical, he said maybe but not likely this is an old car so it's more deep related to wiring.

Man i didnt want to hear that :( but i notice my display that control the air-conditioning light was going i figure well it wont hurt to get another one so I went to local salvage yard paid like 75.00 and took that one out and plug up new one turn my lights on....guess what B) no air is coming on now and when i turn my air on it work just 2 dealer's advice was not even on point :P but i was anyone ever listen to a dealer and they was way wrong? To me research is the best advice what yall think? :blink:


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