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The Little Mermaid

Gs350 Misfire

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I'm hoping to find out if anyone else has had a problem with a GS misfire. I currently own a 2008 GS350 which I purchased as a CPO from a Lexus Dealership. Several months after purhasing the vehicle I began to experience cylinder misfires. I would attempt to accelerate and the vehicle would not accelerate. After two or three incidents, I took the vehicle into the dealership and was told it was a cylinder misfire. They further stated that nothing was wrong with the car and it shouldn't happen again. After about two more incidents; I took it back in. They stated they thought the misfire was due to excess carbon buildup. The cleaned out all the carbon and said the vehicle would be fine. After two MORE incidents and my Vehicle Skid Control malfunctioning; I took it back again. They are currently examining the vehicle further. Does anyone have any information they would be willing to share with me regarding this problem? This is my fifth Lexus; and I've never had any problems before this. Thanks!!!

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