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How To Use The Lexus Owners Club Forums


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Here is a quick video to help you in this process.

How to make good threads on any website , quick overview

So , you are about to make your first post on the LOC or would like pointers to make an amazing post with the most replies to answer your question.

The first thing to do is Search the forums using the search engine located above.

This will help you find out if the topic has already been discussed and will get you answered quickly to your problem to solve it.

If you do not search many members will not answer you especially if it is a very common answer. You may ask why not answer me ? Well it takes atleast 30 minutes to think and type up a really good relevant answer. So to respect the time and effort the member took to answer the previous members question it is imperative to make sure you are not asking a redundantly asked question. If you find an answer but it needs more clarification to your specific needs then please ask the question in the thread that answered most of it.

To search properly make sure the

Search Where

Appropriate forums are selected or that all forums are to maximize your responses as there are multiple forums to answer your questions in.

Search posts from...

any date , and older

Search Where

search entire post

Many searches do show many answers so it may take some of your time but it is much less than all the time people invested in effort to make the posts for your benefit.

The search engine must have atleast 4 letters which causes slight problems for small acronyms such as obd.

Try variations of the major words , use the most direct ones you can think of to pin point your answers.

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So you have searched and found very little.

Now you are ready to make your post.

First gather all the info you have on your question/problem.

This will help you make a intelligent question with accurate responses.

DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE THREADS IN MORE THAN ONE FORUM. Doing that is referred to as spamming and all threads you make will be deleted.

Find the one that is most relevant . You will be advised if others think it belongs somewhere else.

So where do you want to make your thread. You have to choose which forum is more appropriate for your question.

There are specific forums for specific cars , under 90% of circumstances they should go in there.

The the other times it may fit other places such as ...............

Lexus Detailing and Car Care Forum

Forum to discuss making your Lexus look the business, waxes, polishes, techniques

It speaks for itself but anything to do with cleaning or refinishing your car belongs here. A car is a car and this is not a specific one.

Show and Shine

Just detailed your car? Post your pictures here, brag about it, fish for compliments, and generally show it off to all the other Lexus owners

Wheels and Tires Forums

Any tire and rim question belongs here , not in the vehicle forums. Why ? you ask ,because a tire is inherent to its properties , The car it is used on will not make a tire perform better only the other way around. Fitment issues also belong in this area if you are up sizing tires and rims.

Dealers & Pricing Forums

Forum to discuss and share your experiences with Lexus dealerships

So you went to a dealer and they washed your car and fixed your wipers for free and want to tell everyone else how good they are. Or a dealer washed your car broke your wipers and scratched your bumper then tried to overcharge you . Well they all belong here.

Buy & Sell Forums

Forum to advertise Lexus parts or parts for your Lexus -either for sale, or wanted to buy. No commercial trading allowed. Pretty self explanatory , you want to trade money for parts ,well do it here. If you do this for businesses or with more than one part you will be scrutinized and banned if needed. Many people think the LOC and its members are a person billboard. I hate spam in my email and even more on this board.

Club Events and Meetings Forums

Forum to arrange, setup and discuss meetings of the Lexus Owners Club. All Lexus models are welcome at meets.Pretty easy to know as well. You have local members getting together if you don't see anyone in your area post a thread in this section and others will follow. Also check the LOC map and add yourself to find others.

General Maintenance

Any question pertaining to Lexus / Toyota and oils, premium gas requirements or other lubrication and general parts inquires.

Workshop Tutorials

This section is for when you becomes an advanced members and have done some work to your car to remove or fix a part on it. Then you post in this section to tell other members how to do it with pics if you can. Please do not go here asking for how to do something otherwise it will get deleted and you will not get any help .

General Discussions

This is for any conversations on new/old technology or other car/vehicle developments.

First thing is the title , what should you call your post/baby.

This is all about marketing , many posts are overlooked because they are not titled correctly even though many others know the answer but you did not make it clear. Making a post saying "help me" , "what is this" or other vague useless titles are frowned upon as it shows you do not have the time to input your energy into your own problem and are looking for quick answers. You were always told you receive exactly what you put into something , well this is no different.

Make the year of the car in the title the model is not needed if it is in a specific forum.

What is your car doing or not doing? Now condense it to lets say for example

LS forum

91 not starting when hot

I don't know what to fix next?

This tells readers the important info if they might be able to help or not. Also lets others who might be searching know if the thread pertains to them at all.This way they can add what they have found and help both of you.

Now include all the info you have from previous repairs or modifications. Add any maintenance or accidents as well as this gives the reader a full picture on the car. You need the mileage how long you have had the car and anything else it does which may seem normal or irrelevant to you .

So you now have all the info to make a beautiful post with the answers you need. Now get going and have some fun as well as saving you some time money and effort.

Good luck.


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My husband and I just purchased a 2004 SC430. We replaced all four tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus. Before we replaced the tires, the VSC OFF indicator light on the dash would not turn off and stayed on even after the installtion of new tires and new brakes all around. After going on the Lexus "forum" he discovered how to fix the problem. I wanted to write a thank you to the people that wrote in the forum (which, by the way, saved us a few hundred dollars) to tell all the rest of us how to fix this problem, but I am a computer illiterate and cannot discover how to make a comment on the proper post. So I hope they read this note from me.

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  1. Just purchased another S C 400 1995, 239448 miles. it has been sitting at a garage for three years. I bought it for the repair bill. 530 miles towing and starter replacemkent. Seems the be a very solid vehical. Top of the back seat has sun damage, drivers seat has some wear. Everything works very well. I was suprised.

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I just purchased a 2001 LX 470 mainly for towing my 23 ' boat. I am planning on upgrading my interior lights with new tech led's and possibly modifying to other options. I reside in Murphy,Tx and am inquiring for other owners of older LX 470 models to correspond with.

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  • 5 weeks later... As a member, you have the option to have YOUR VERY OWN round‐the‐clock Personal Manager – someone who will assist you with almost anything that you need from finding the goods or services that you need and connecting you with providers who will be able to offer them within the budget guidelines you have set. For just $65 a year, you will have unlimited access to a Personal Manager solely DEDICATED TO ASSIST YOU with the things that you require.

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hi. i am new to the forum. can someone pls teach me how to start a new thread..?

i have a 2006 is250 rwd

i am trying to get information on how come i cant open my trunk by pressing the trunk release button. it used to work fine for many years. one day it crap out on me. dont know why.. no car accident..

the unlock button for the trunk inside the cabin worked fine.. my keyfob worked fine.. thats how i have been able to open my trunk for months now..

if theres a thread for this already.. pls post me a link.. thankyou

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Hello to all, I just bought a 1994 LS400. It is Gold on Bronze with factory polished chrome wheels.

Bought it with issues of stuck brakes & stalling out on acceleration. Got the Brakes fixed, which I replaced all of the pads as they needed it. Greased the heck out of the pins. Worked great til the next morning & they were stuck after driving to work. BUT released at a stoplight on way home. Fine ever since... But found leaking heater valve.

Ordered new one & replaced it this weekend.

This is an awesome site! I have found lots of good ideas & repairs. ie... ECT Engine Cooling Temp.

Ordered a new one in hopes of solving poor gas mileage...

thank you for all your help! I hope I can return the favor & help others!

SSG John

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Hello All. New to this site as I have recently purchased a 1999 LS 400. It has 147,000 miles, but it is a beautiful auto and looks and runs like it has been well taken care of. I have been searching this forum as I have some issues that I would like to settle. I appreciate all of the information others have provided and enjoy learning from other owners experiences. Thanks.

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I have a 2002 Lexus Rx300. Used with one owner before me. A piece fell off the exhaust that caused the auto to shake loudly. My husband was following me & picked it up. Couldn't drive it after the shaking started. Went to Toyota dealer & mechanic said that part needed was over $1200 but I could have that part welded back on if I had my own mechanic. They would only replace the whole exhaust part. So I had it welded on & as soon as I get on the highway the vibration stared agin but not as violent. Still don't want to drive it like that. What else could make this happen. The welded it right where the bracket broke off? Help. Just got it & so far my only ride was on the way home.

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