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Decision On 1Jzgte Or 2Jzgte?

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ok ive finally made up my mind that im not going to go with a turbo kit but rather just do tha swap. my motor has little bit to many miles, anyway the 1jz seems more appealing for my situation since i can afford to buy it and prolly more or less afford the labor as well were as on the 2jz i can afford to buy but not pay for the labor. my question is , is the 1jz just as reliable and strong as the 2jz cause seems like thats the way i should go considering my resources at the wanting to hit the mid 300 hp range in doing this and i know ill have to get big injectors and what not to get there with this but i want to only run low boost

if anyones done tha 1jz id just like to know tha pros and cons thanks

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Check Clublexus. There is a ton of info about swaps there. If your only looking for 300hp, they will probably say to stick with NA-T.

well my motot has bout 135k miles on it and goin na-t seems more expemsive than doing the 1jz swap but i cant seem to find a reasonable guess on labor for the swap so i cant be forsure on that or not idk just i dont fell comforable putting a turbo on that motor since it has that many miles on it id def rather have a fresher motor that comes turbo

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