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Which Code Reader For 95 Es300?


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I just ordered an Equus OBD I code reader and then realized the application sheet only shows it for models through 1993. The emmisions sticker does not say OBD II compliant. I found a site that says in 1994 Lexus began using OBD II, but they were not fully compliant. Is there a specific reader for the 94 and 95? Will an OBD II work, but not fully?

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i called equus the same night and they cancelled my obd i scanner order. found the obd ii scanner from midway auto supply for $119 and free shipping. got it today and it works great.

the check engine light went out yesterday, but the reader shows the only stored code as P0135 - 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction (bank 1 sensor 1). i hardly ever need the heater in south florida so i am happy this was the only code.

i love this reader. thanks again for the help.

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It is to the right of the fuses behind the fuse cover which is to the left of the steering wheel.

you are right it is a 1mz-fe engine and obd2

there is also another data connection on the top of the intake maniold of the engine on the right side

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