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Srt Intake Is The Real Deal!

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fellow SC430 owners in search of more power, the Injen intake made noise and nothing more. my dyno chart even showed a LOSS of 2-3hp, all runs done on same day of install. next, we tried the Weapon R intake..... +1hp.

The following week I received my Swift Racing intake with re-map.

FINALLY, we made power.

+18hp to the wheels and +19ft/lbs torque! and this test was performed on a VERY hot, humid day on an outdoor dyno chassis. (Dyn-o-mite to be precise)

all intake tests were performed with a muffler-delete, and the first 2 intakes were tested on 67-70degree days.

it is quite possible we could have made more power on a cooler, less-humid day.

Soldering into the ECU was not fun, but the install was not too bad.

NOW, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE SELL ME THEIR S&S HEADERS SO I CAN TEST A full catback,headers, race cats and intake setup????

I have a Level ten valve body upgrade on it's way as well, I'll be sure to post on that as well.

thanks for reading my post ;)

also, I realize dyn-o-mite chassis' are not the most accurate. but we did try & create as many 'controls' as possible....

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