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Turn Signal Side Mirrors

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im looking for turn signal side mirrors but cant find any. all i can find is those little M3 style mirrors and those are to small, even though they dont even make it for the GS, so any one have some idea where i could get one, i looked in the gallery and some one had them so that means they do exsist, or they had them custom made..

by the way what kind of rims are those


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ahhh , thats it, its just a cover, i wanted a new stlye mirror with it on there, ohh well

okay i just went to his site, and cant understand anything, now is there anyone that can translate this info to english, all i can understand is interior, exterior, etc.. options, but no details.

ie how much, where to get it from, etc..


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ahhh , thats it, its just a cover, i wanted a new stlye mirror with it on there, ohh well

Well, I have not seen anyone sell a complete mirror with the turn signal light. The best solution I've found is this guy who for $600 and your current set of mirrors, will retrofit a Mercedes signal lamp into the mirror. This is all the parts (except the mirror), cutting, molding, and painting.

Obviously, you still need to wire it up once you get it back but this is the case with any new electronic.

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how hard would it be to retrofit a MB mirror to gs,


The pic I posted is a MB retrofit. If you can do bodywork, then you can probably get it done. The person I know who does it charges roughly 600 and he'll need your (or a set of) side mirrors. This includes painting and the MB lights. It is a little cheaper if no paint is involved.

The problem is that there is almost no space inside the mirror. You would have to remold the mirror to add space for the lights.

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ahh, the whole process looks tedious, i think they should do it on the 3rd gen, put some side mirror signals, IMO, but i guess ill just hold off on the mirror mod.

but it is annoying because the turn signals are only visable from the front of the car, and the back, if there is a person in the next lane (right or left) then they cant see if your wanting to change lanes, so a side marker or mirror turn signal or the bumper lights would need to be used as turn signals, i dont see how they could have missed that important detail, if you look at any car the turnsignals are visable from aproximalty 150 degrees from the front of the car if your standing at the quarter panel, so i dunnoooooo, just my 2 cents

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