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Oil ? / Service Manual /maintaining A 99' Es300


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I am a new proud owner of a 99' ES300 which runs great. I'm not very familiar with car, and I am approaching 67,500 miles for an oil change in about 500 miles. I know it takes 5w-30 but I was curious if anyone would recommend using the synthetic over the regular because I have a mid high range mileage car.

Next, I've donea search for the repair manuals on a 99 ES300 but I have only found a 2000. Is it safe to get a 2000 repair manual or would you wait and find a 99 somewhere?

Lastly, I want to do a huge inspection ie: timing belt, etc. of everything at around 80,000 miles what would everyone recommend and where would you go to get it done?


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Welcome to the club!

Yeah you can use synthetic oil, I use Mobil 1, just use a genuine Toyota oil filter (they're the best) and you'll be set.

As for the repair manual, I'd keep looking for a 99, the 00s are slightly different.

As for the major service, either call a Toyota dealer or find an independent shop that works on Toyota/Lexus

Good luck!

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synthetic 5w-30 is fine. Think about going with synthetic 10w-30 (high mileage formulation) when you pass 75k miles. Mobil 1, Toyo, and K&N Gold oil filters are all very reputable.

register your car on and they will send you an owners manual free.

Find a Toyota shop that is willing to work on your Lex, save a little money.

Independent Lex mechanics are around. Where are you located?

The 90k service is a big one, so start saving your ducats.


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