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Wats A Good Clutch For The Money?

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alright im lookng for an after market clutch for my 92 sc300 mine went out im looking to spend around 300-350 for the kit. anyone have any info on wats goood and wats not. im wanting at least a stage 2 clutch kit. and also im wanting to have a full exhaust anyone know of a good perfomace exhaust manifold and piping and muffler thats aint too expensive

any help will be appreciated

o ya one other thing wich is bettter a full disc clutch or the slotted clutch disks?

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No one else has chimed in so I'll give you my opinion. I used to be into the Diamond Star turbocharged cars, Eclipse, Talon, Stealth, 3000gt... In our local Detroit club we went through well over a dozen clutches of different types. After trying a stage 2 carbon/ceramic clutch, and having it only last 10K miles till it disintegrated, I went back to a full face Exedy clutch which only grips about 10 or 20% more than stock. Now mind you, I rarely raced my TT Stealth and still only got a year out of it (the carbon/ceramic). That clutch cost me about 500.00 plus my labor to install it. It was also very hard to modulate on a launch or even casual driving. When it grabbed it really grabbed! Other members had similar results, even custom made clutches didn't last very long. My engine was making about 350 HP.

Part of the problem was the AWD, it was very hard on everything, something has to give, the tires or the clutch. Launches with an AWD car are just brutal on drivetrains, stripped splines on T-case shafts & shredded clutches were normal.

After the frustration and money spent, unless it is a dedicated race car or thrash vehicle that you don't mind throwing money at, go ahead and put a stage 2 in your car

For the mods you are looking at, the stock clutch will work just fine, cost less, and last a whole lot longer.

Keep in mind the stock clutch in my Stealth lasted for 160K miles.....

Good Luck, Mike

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