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Temp Fix To Error 3 And Error 4

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I ran into an issue where my 6-disc had "error 4" and no combo of powering off the vehicle, battery, etc was working. I bought an aftermarket Dash kit and navigation to install. In doing that, I relieved the symptoms by doing this:

1. Remove stereo.. VERY simple.. you have 2 parts to pull off and 4 bolts (10 mm)

2. Shake the *BLEEP* out of it

3. Re-install stereo

4. Viola! CDs eject.. playing back to normal.

In all reality, I don't know how long that fix will work. It did for me though.. and it takes about 10 min or less for the whole process (subject to how long you decide to "shake the *BLEEP* out of it".

Best Regards!

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