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Bluetooth Phone For Ls430 ?


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'04 LS430's are bluetooth enabled. Any comments on actual phones that work well (or not) with the LS430 based on your actual experience ? I know that in theory "any" bluetooth phone will work. I also know that in reality such claims usually fall a bit short from reality, so am hoping for some comments from actual users.

I currently have Verizon, but they don't have support for even one Bluetooth enabled phone, which I found very surprising. But I'm long past a service committment, so can switch to someone else (nice that now you can do so and keep your number). As far as I can tell, only ATT Wireless and Cingular currently support bluetooth in my area.

I was considering AT&T with the Sony Ericsson T616 phone. Any comments on any of this ?


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Thanks for the reply. Did the phones "just work" when brought into the Lexus (via Bluetooth auto-discovery), or is some setup in the car required. If setup in the car, is it something I can do myself, or does the Lexus dealer or cellphone dealer need to be involved ?

I'm hoping everything "just works" via the magic of Bluetooth.

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