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Ha This Lex Luther New To The Club Can I Get Some Lexus Love

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New to this club good they got Lexus lovers out :rolleyes: there I Own a 1994 Es 300. There were many issues to my car which I bought from a guy who hid those issues when he sold it to me :chairshot: but i'm glad to say almost all those issues have been taken care of :rolleyes: . I putting so much time in my car it's like she's part of me, so I took time out to customize her on the bumper got Lex Luther Edition with Superman stickers on the door. I'm very proud of my Lexus and plan on keeping it for a while and I would love to network myself on here with those who got same interest of their Lexus and see if anyone would like to start or know of a Lexus meeting in the Dallas Tx or surrounding area to ride off and show others Toyota is still what it is and we not going anywhere regardless what issues may be floating around out there, let it be known Toyota's not going anywhere and with 2 decades under their belt brought out Lexus which the name it self stands out of any Luxury car out there. SO STAND UP LEXUS OWNERS :rolleyes: LET OTHERS FEEL OUR PRESENCE AS RX, LS, ES,IS, SC'S AND NEW HYBRIDS TAKE OVER THIS PLANET TO MAKE IT A FULL GROWN LEXUS PLANET!!!!! :cheers:

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