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Is Lex Luther Good Name For My Car?

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If you're in the city of Dallas Tx and see a Lexus es300 with Lex Luther Edition on the bumper it's mine B) . Want to make my baby known in the Lexus community :) , just a few issues I still gotta deal with being that this car was pretty much scrap when I bought it :( from this guy who was going to sell for 2200.00 then drop it down to 1700.00 just like that :unsure: over the past 2 years i merely rebuilt this car to if not close the Lexus standards damn it close enough :cheers: rebuilt engine 1600.00, front struts 200.00 back struts 150.00, oxygen sensor in front 109.00 behind exhaust manifold 130.00 and after Cat converter 98.00, Egr value 142.00 and soloed 10.00 ( junk yard) new starter 112.00, New computer 350.00, speed sensor, 160.00 and new tire front and back came out to be 260.00

From what this car was before it was sold to me and now i think big improvment but i still gotta a ways to go :unsure: but i do promise this you see me down the road you notice me :P

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