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Rear Wheel Bearing Hub

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My rear end was making a low frequency wining noise. I realized that it was probably the hub, because I put the can in neutral at 60mph, and the noise continued. I suspected it was from the left side, because when I took at turn to the left (which took the load off the left) the noise almost went away. Turns to the right added more force on the right, so the noise was a little worse. The entire assembly (hub and bearing) cost about $280 (including shipping). The hardest part was getting the entire hub off the axle. This probably could have been prevented had I known that the ABS sensor cover (the part that is on the back side of the hub assembly) was just coroded. I had tried to pry if off, but it didn't seem to move. Eventually, I had to apply heat to get it to break apart. The reason for getting the dust cover off what because the four bolts holding the bearing assembly were screwed in from the back side and the dust cover prevents you from getting a socket on them.

If you have to take the entire assembly off (like I did), it's not all that bad. Don't forget to get a new hose clamp for you boot and also some high temp grease to repack the CV joint. Also, you need to 32mm socket to get the rotor off. Fortunately, I had one. First time to ever use it.

Approximate time for entire job, probably 6 hours to a first timer.

Good luck.

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Mileage rarely matters on a wheel bearing, they go out from hitting a large pothole, curb, etc., any kind of major impact. OE Toyota bearings can easily last 400k miles.

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