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Leatherique Leather Conditioner/cleaner

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my opinions about Leatherique's leather conditioner and cleaner, because it's AWESOME.

When i had my Rx300 back in 2005, i started using Lexol's leather conditioner on the leather a few times a year to keep the leather in good condition. I can't "prove it" but i swear the stuff made things worse. The leather's finish started to get "sticky" (not just after application, but the dye itself seemed to 'melt') causing fibers from clothing to stick and what not. I also started noticing little tiny cracks on about every surface of the leather, even in areas that didn't get any wear. It was clear that the conditioner was actually aging the leather... But like i said, i can't prove it was the Lexol conditioner, but i can't think of anything else that would cause pre-mature damage. I ended up replacing the seats because they started to become unsightly.

So when i got the replacement seats in my old Rx300 (about a year ago) i ditched the Lexol and started using Leatherique's cleaner/conditioner. I did a little research, and everything lead me to believe this stuff was the best out there. So i tried it, and it proved to be well worth the extra money.

The replacement seats i bought were from a 2002 Rx300, so about 7 years old at the time. They were a little dirty, but most of all ROCK HARD. I dosed the seats with Leatherique's "rejuvenator oil" (conditioner) and let it sit in the sun for a good day or so. The following day, i did the same thing. I could see the leather soaking up the conditioner, it was pretty nice to see. After about 3 days of this process i applied Leatherique's "Prestine Clean" which is their cleaner (which is to follow the conditioner) to remove the remaining dirt/residue lifted by the conditioner. The finish was AMAZING, and i mean AMAZING! The finish was smooth and completely matte, looked almost brand new. And what i especially liked, was the new texture of the leather. It was SO soft!! I would say the cleaner and conditioner improved the quality and finish of the leather by... 5 years! It didn't remove the little "character lines" or areas where the dye had been removed from 7 years of use, but it did remove all dirt and soften up the leather to exceed my expectations. The Lexol NEVER helped with softness, and didn't help the finish much either.

So when i got my Rx400h last May, i immediately completed the same process using the Leatherique cleaner/conditioner. The conditioner/cleaner worked just as well on the rx400h leather as it did on the old Rx300 seats, and really softened the texture. I did a second application before winter, and just did my spring application tonight.

It's been almost a year of use, and i can confirm there is a POSITIVE improvement and ZERO negatives about this stuff. The leather's incredibly soft and there isn't ANY unusual damage.

I just love this stuff and wanted to share my positive experiences! I can't really explain it, but it just brings the leather "back to life". The finish has NO shine, just as brand new leather does- which is really unusual for a leather conditioner. The "rejuvenator oil" is pretty "icky", but does the job. But as soon as you wipe the seats down with the "prestine clean" the oil is gone and the seats immediately come to life. It's pretty cool...

I also applied the prestine clean to all of the other plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces inside the cabin- like on the dash, doors, moldings etc. The instant matte finish is what i'm after there...

Anyone else try this stuff? If your leather is getting a little dirty and hard, i suggest you give this stuff a try! <_<

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Thanks for the great writeup. I agree that it is practically a 'miracle' product.

One tip for getting that rejuvenator oil deep into the leather is to slather it all over the leather, and then wrap the seats up with garbage bags or other plastic (tarp, etc) and let it sit in the sun for a few days. This really allows the dried leather to soak up the nutrients and oil.

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