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Aem Cold Air


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Not speaking from experience, but I'd be willing to bet that it'd fit the 94-96 on account of the same 1mz engine as the Camry, but I doubt that it would "fit" (it'd go in the engine bay yes, but it more than likely wouldn't connect to the MAF sensor connector) on a 92 or 93. Just a guess though! Is there a pic where you found it? If so, you should maybe be able to determine if the connectors would work for the 92-93 also.

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Interesting that it lists the 94-95, what about the (seemingly identical) 96? I know on a lot of cars the 94-95s were OBD I and the 96s OBD II, but the ES has used OBD II since '94.

+10HP/11TQ at the wheels sounds nice, but I'm guessing, as with any intake, those gains are only at very high RPMs (probably around 5200, not your normal driving around town range), and I wonder about those kinds of gains at the wheels given the restrictive nature of the stock headers/exhaust.

skperformance or JPI, any thoughts? You guys seem to be the 1MZ-FE experts around here :cheers:

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