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Help With The Driving Belts On My Car Lexus Rx330

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Hello to all owners and knowledgeable people!

First, I want to apologize to anyone who reads for my English!

I am the owner of the car Lexus RX330 2005 release.

One day in the morning I started the engine and heard a rapping which increases the frequency with increasing speed. Sound "surface" of the generator. The trip was necessary, the sound is occasionally lost, then appeared. Toward evening the sound grew stronger and I felt the smell of plastic or something like it in the cabin. Stopped, the engine is not drowned out. I opened the hood and saw that in the area of the generator pulley belt drive smoke or something ... and smells like burnt metal or something like that. I touched the generator in the pulley would not tolerate the touch of a finger.

My first thought was - bearing generator by pulley does not rotate (not always because when I watched everything seems working, belts all integers), and either turn in the saddle or balls in a pile, and together with the separator something like spinning. Hence, sound and temperature. Then the smell of the winding, which is not the normal temperature regime is working.

Drowned. Some waited until cool. Try as I went to the park (well that next). Was driving at low speed and at speeds no more than 1500. In the middle of the road heard a sharp kick under the hood, but no change in behavior was not (charge goes, the steering wheel is easy - as always).

When the rode to the parking saw that the drive belt generator and air conditioner broke along, but broke only one half.

All of this feeds into the idea of the wedge bearing generator.

The next day, decided to replace the belt and remove the generator for the revision and replacement of the bearing. Cut the remaining half of the generator drive belt and start the engine.

Sounds like what you first had been but a little later the engine began to work smoothly. I tried to turn the generator pulley (now without a belt). He rotated easily, even silently!

He looked into the area of the crankshaft pulley there saw flying down the belt drive power steering. Belt though worn but intact. He took it and began to think.

If we exclude the bearing of the generator and air conditioning (also rotated by hand rotates easily and smoothly - no backlash), then with what belt broke? The time has come?

Why flew off the power steering drive belt? A piece of the generator belt broke and fell between the pulley and belt power steering? But I was riding my way, and without power steering I would have felt something ...

Now I decided to replace all belts (including timing belt with rollers), but I am afraid that the cause is not found, and if so then anything can happen again.

Maybe someone has some ideas and share?

Thank you in advance to all. Alex.

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Alex- I can only say that you need to look under your hood more often. you really should have stopped and looked when you 1st heard anything that indicated something was not right. It sounds like your belt started to come apart (break) and then it got caught in the rotation of the other belt. That can happen, and you may not have any other damage, but you really need to look under the hood more often, or have someone else do it for you. You're Lucky that it didn't do a lot more damage, because I have seen that actually break a crankshaft when a belt goes through another belt, from the quick snap.

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