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Tracoff And Cel Lights

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'93 LS400, ~140k miles.

Yesterday on my way home from work my TRACoff and CE lights turned on. When I drove to work last night, they were still on. The car does not sound any different, nor have I had any issues with it in quite some time.

My only suspicion is the alternator, it has been on the way out for quite a while now, and I suspect it has finally kicked it. However, I used to own a '90 and when the alternator failed it lit up every dash light, not just the CEL and TRACoff. Did they change the dash indications from '90 to '93?

Only other thing I can think of that would logically trip those two lights would be the TPS.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Instead of stabbing at guesses, why not pull the codes and see what comes up? It could be a faulty ignition coil, injector, coolant temperature sensor, anything ECU related. Pull the codes and you'll have your answer.

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