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Honda Qa Took A Break.

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Wow...this has me n-n-n-n-ervous. R18A1 Engine Blocks Cracking. Honda TSB 08-044., Honda Civic (non Si) Engine Blocks Cracking!!

I have the TSB from Honda of America in .pdf Format. a08-044-Engine Overheats or Leaks Coolant.pdf

I am posting this so any LOC members who have in their household or know someone who does have a 2006-2008 Honda Civic (EX, LX, DX, coupe or sedan, does not matter) can be made aware of the problem. As of right now it is only a TSB and as such, if it happens and you are out of warranty, you are SOL.

Engine Overheats or Leaks Coolant


The engine is leaking coolant and may be overheating.


The engine block is cracking at the coolant passages.


Install a new engine block assembly.

Any repair performed after warranty

expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by

the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone

Office, depending on how far out of warranty said vehicle is at the time of diagnosis. You must request consideration, and get a

decision, before starting work.

Great...this is making My wife and I SERIOUSLY consider trading in. Because we are still under a warranty, monetarily it doesnt matter. But the thought of driving a car that could literally leave us stranded, at any moment without warning makes me sick to my stomach. Whats worse is Honda knows about it, and they arent even making an attempt to issue a recall. A few people I know have had the was 10,000 miles out of warranty. Honda offered to pay for $500 of the repair. The total cost of the repair came to $4,259. She now has a 3800lb paperweight that she owes $10,000 on, and cannot afford to fix. She checked with her Insurance, they wont cover it. The average Civic owner doesnt have that much money just sitting around. I know I certainly dont.

Honda, I understand people make mistakes, and things happen. But at the very least, Own up and fix the problem. Reading all of those posts about it, it is clear to me there is no pattern, and this could happen at any time, any mileage. You dont have to issue a recall for it, Simply warranty this repair for a reasonable about of time, say 10/250,000. Thats more than reasonable and would make me, and MANY other Honda Civic owners, happy.

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Maybe GM.... i mean... The gov't should grandstand and investigate Honda for this!? :D

haha, all joking aside that is really bad! Surprising to see that out of Honda, especially the civic. Always been so reliable, and problem free, thats the last thing that would ever be on my mind about a Civic.

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