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Hello all,

Wanted to tap the brain trust for a quick question..

our 94 LS with 96k is making a odd noise when we go over bumps..speed bumps etc. Sounds like a crunching tin car from inside the car. I cant duplicate the noise when pushing on the front bumper. Sway bar bushing, ball joints....any suggestions. And, with your suggestion could you also share with me the least expensive route to repairing the problem. I have a Lexus machanic who I will hire to do the work...but, I want to go there with my eyes open.

Thanks Guys!

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It could be the control arm bushings or maybe something to do with a faulty strut. Is it just one side, or both? Maybe someone outside the car when you go over the obstacle would help isolate it.

New control arms cost like $300 each, but you can buy new Daizen bushings for $99/side. I don't think anyone on this forum has gone the Daizen route (and written about it), but I'd sure try it.

Daizen Bushings

Labor has to be at least 2 hours per side whether you go with new control arms or replace the bushings.


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difficult from a distance: would think a 'crunching' noise would be coming from a bushing; this as compared to a single 'peck'; would be like a sway bar rotating in a dry or stiff chassis bushing--not saying it is that one since I would think that a push on the body by 2 people[one on each side would duplicate that particular noise].

lower ball joints are rather easy to replace--but still think the noise would not sound like that one.

would think bushings on the suspension, but which ones is a guess-if it comes to trial and error, would go with lower and strut-since the cost is nowhere near the top ones(as I remember); at the same time you should do the lower ball joint[both are approx. $85. each, and are not tough to install].

If your friend has a lift you could a combination of raising the car off the floor then a floor jack to raise and lower the ft. axles relative to the car and possibly use a stethoscope at the bushings to see if you can hear anything. be careful.

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