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1993 Sc400


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I am in the market for a set of 18" Rims. In the future, I will be replacing the stock calipers and rotors with the Supra TT Calipers and Rotors. What offset do I need with the 18" Rims to insure that I will have adequate clearance for the larger rotors.


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I used to say, "tell the guy you are buying the wheels from they are for a supra TT." Well, that's not the best - you might get a wheel the does not rub at all or one that does sometimes. Now I say, tell they guy you want fronts that would clear on a supra TT. Probably 8.5 wide and maybe a +50 offset. That is OEM offset. 38 to 50 is the safe range dependind on wheel design. Kind of big window. The lower you get, the more to compromise ride handling potentially. The rears should be set-up for more SC. 45 to 50 if possible.

For reference, my halo's (great lookin wheels by the way n I luv em), are 18 by 8.5 up front and they clear the caliper by 5mm or so. I mean it's freaky close. They don't touch anything though no matter how I sling it. Unfortunately, the backs at 9.5 rub a bit on bumps and spirited turns or acceleration if I have someone in back. I need to verify the offset and get some work done on her when it warms up. Hopefully soon. Or I get a heater in the garage.

Best way to know if they clear is to get a test fit. That's not usually possible though.

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