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You can adjust the NAV system manually by selecting 'menu' and then select 'NAV options'. You now can select 'Position' or 'Tyre replacement' (distance).

So, if not done already, try this:

Drive your car to a location which is known on the map (a reference point).

Step 1. Calibrate 'Position':

You can now adjust the map and move it to the desired direction by pressing the arrows (around the cursor). When the cursor is on the correct spot, press OK. A new screen comes up with two side arrows. You can now adjust the position of the car (in relation to the map). Press OK when done.

Step 2. Calibrate 'Tyre-replacement' - 'Distance':

When you press distance, the system will adjust it's position on the map.

In general, the NAV system gets a part of it's info from the wheels and compensates automatically for distance when recieving a GPS signal (this can take some time and driving). However, I'm not sure if the system can compensate for the 22's. Perhaps you should drive a little and repeat former steps a few times.

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I tried that and it's still acting funny....I their's away to change the coefficient of distance by pushing the climate and the radio buttons but when I do it nothing happens...

check this link out and tell me what you think...

click on #15 DIY Navigation service menu and you will see the screen I'm trying to get to....

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You can try this:

Hold the Climate and Audio controls while switching the parking lights on and off 3 or 4 times. This must be done immediately after turning the key on. A diagnostics screen should come up.

Let me know if this works for you.

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