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Remote Entry / Power Locks Problem

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I just purchased a 2000 GS 300 yesterday...and it's great, with this one exception. The issue is that the remote only seems to lock the rear drivers side door. It will only unlock the two drivers side doors. Operating the power locks from inside the car has the same result...will only lock the drivers side doors. I've basically ended up having to manually lock all of the doors when I get out of the car.

Any ideas or should I just take it to the dealer? I purchased it from an individual.


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Welcome to the LOC and congrats on the car.

From what I'm told (correct me if I'm wrong), issues with the central locking seems a common issue for second gen GS. If I read you correct, the driver's doors do unlock, but not lock with the remote or car's central lock-console.

The door-lock assembly operates with 3 parts:

1 - Door lock actuator

2 - Lock position sensor

3 - Door switch to detect door open/closed

Problem can be a faulty lock-sensor or actuator, which are rather expensive to replace. If you are able, it pay's to do it yourself and shop for parts. Here's a DIY to check: Actuator


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