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Water Leakage In Headlight


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It seems that I have some water leakage inside of my left headlight and corner lamp. It gest a "humid" look to it, and then it begins to collect moisture and water inside of it. Im really frustrated with this and Im beginning to think that i should just buy a new headlight.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'll really appreciate it.


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checked on ebay already. theres this company that charges that $250 each! and thats cheapest ive seen. i tried putting silicone wher the glass meets the plastic, but that didnt work. youre saying to put some silicone around the area of the buld? do you think thats where the moisture might be getting in by?

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If it's not the bulb hole, it's probably a leak in the seal. Take your unit out, and disconnect everything from it.

If you want. you could pop them into the oven @200degrees for 5minutes. You may have to repeat the procedure a couple of times until the glue is easier to remove. Split it, and remove all of the glue sealer. Once you have, you can clean the lenses, polish, and seal it up again. That shouldn't cost you $250.

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