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Price For 3Rd Gen Hid Headlight Assembly

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It's getting warmer now and I'm getting my summer list together for what to be on the lookout for at junk yards. One of the first things I'm gonna be looking for are OEM 3rd Gen (2000/2001) ES300 HID Headlight assemblies. I realize the chances of finding these in a junk yard are very unlikely, but if they I do happen to come across them my main question is what should I expect to pay considering the following conditions:

* They're from a ten year old car (I'll rub some dirt on them to make them look more dated)

* I'll say they're basic, halogen assemblies (I figure it's pretty unlikely they'll be able to tell the difference by quickly looking at them. Also assuming it's a big yard that deals with many vehicles per day of both domestic and foreign and that they won't be too familiar with this gen of ES).

* I'll say they're from a Camry (cheaper car = cheaper price for the part rationale. They look similar enough to a Camry headlight assembly.)

* I pull the assemblies from the junked ES myself, should save some money there.

So taking these mitigating factors into account, whats the cheapest you think I can get away with these HID headlight assemblies?

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